Arief Karfianto is a solution architect, system analyst, system administrator, developer, DevOps dan Site Reliability Engineer. He’s been working for Indonesian Government since 2009 in Information and Communication Technology area. He has been involved in various projects including Indonesia Open Data Portal, National Complaint Handling System, and National Service Portal.

Arief is passionate about IT Strategic PlanningIT Security, DevOps, Open Source Software, Web Development, and Software Testing.

On a panel about Cloud Security at Indonesian Security Conference 2014. Photo from https://twitter.com/idsecconf

Professional certification

  1. Linux Professional Institute Certification 1 / Novell® Certified Linux Administrator
  2. Certified Data Center Professional
  3. Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Manager
  4. EC Council Certified Security Analyst / Licensed Penetration Tester
  5. EC Council Certified Secure Programmer